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Solid Carbide Drills
for CNC and Manual Machines

Milo Tools supplies high-performance precision cutting tools and specialised equipment to engineers and manufacturing companies throughout the UK and Europe. With over 50 years of experience, Milo Tools offers a large inventory of engineering cutting tools, lathe tools, tool holders and lubricants ready for next-day dispatch.

What Are Solid Carbide Drills Used For?

Drilling is probably the most widely recognised hole making process. It involves using a drill bit rotated at incredibly high speeds to cut through a hole in a workpiece.

Manufacturers and machine shops use a range of hole making tools, depending on the required operation. Solid carbide is the hardest of the drill bit materials, so solid carbide drills are designed to tackle only the most demanding and toughest materials.

Solid carbide drills are primarily used for production drilling where a high-quality tool holder and drill bit are necessary. The benefits of using solid carbide drills are that they increase speeds and feeds, are hardwearing, and have an extended tool life.

Types of Hole Making Tools at Milo Tools

Here at Milo Tools, we have a wide range of drills and hole making tools for any operation. If solid carbide drill bits aren’t the right tool for the job, then check out our list below:

  • Countersinks / Counterbores: Our countersinks are perfect for machining hardened steel, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, copper, nickel, aluminium and brass.
  • Spade Drill: We have large selection of spade drills suitable for a range of cutting inserts.
  • Spot and Centre Drills: Choose from a range of carbide spot and centre drills for creating precise holes and spots.
  • Reamers: Discover our selection of precision reamers for finishing and enlarging holes.
  • HSSE Drills: Check out our range of HSSE drills with superior hardness, increased heat hardness and tempering resistance.
  • Indexable Drilling Systems: We stock a wide range of indexable drilling systems that accept various inserts.

What Our Clients Say

I have been dealing with Milo tools since their concept, over the years they have proven to be dedicated to customer service, not only through competitive pricing but a feeling that they are working for your best interests and not about maximizing profit. Absolute pleasure to deal with.

Ian Cocker
Director at Ian Cocker Engineering Ltd

We have used Milo Tools for a number of years, we rely on them to supply quality cutting tools and associated engineering products some of which maybe from less well known manufacturers but all of excellent quality and so value for money.

The team at Milo Tools have an excellent attitude to our queries whether for a quote or advice on tooling.

Angus McGuire
Production Manager at Dunbeath Engineering Ltd

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