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Reamers and Reaming Tools

Milo Tools offers the UK’s leading range of reamers and reaming tools. Choose from an extensive collection of high-performance carbide reamers, HSS reamers, hand reamers and modular reamers for hole diameters ranging from 2mm to 20mm. We provide manufactured-to-order reamers and hole-making tools from brands such as Osborn, RE-AL, Magafor, Toolex and E Leclerc.

If you’re not sure what type of reaming tool to get, the Milo Tools team has you covered. Get in touch with one of our time-served engineers for FREE expert advice on what hole-making device will best suit your needs.

If, for some reason, your reamer is unavailable, your dedicated account manager will help procure the tool for you.

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What Are Reamers and Reaming Tools?

A reamer is a hole making tool designed to enlarge the diameter of an existing hole to a high degree of accuracy. This process, known as reaming, is generally a second-operation machining process and creates smooth interior walls in the finished hole.

Reaming is one of the three main types of hole making processes:

  • Drilling, which uses drills or drill bits to create a new hole.
  • Boring, which uses a lathe to expand a hole’s size significantly.
  • Reaming, which uses a reamer to enlarge a hole to a high degree of precision.

Reaming should not be confused with creating a hole to size. A reamer solves the problem of imperfect hole geometry — it creates the required smooth surface finish for your desired engineering or manufacturing application.

What Are Reamers Used For?

As with any other cutting tool, reamers also come in different types — each one with a specific purpose.

  • Hand Reamers: These hole making tools are manually operated using a hand wrench or a adjustable wrench.
  • Chucking Reamers:These are used with a drill press, lathe, screw machine, or similar machining tool.
  • Adjustable Reamers: These tools feature nuts and blades adjusted to ream holes of various sizes.
  • Expansion Reamers: These reaming tools have an adjustment screw that adjusts the cutting head's size to allow it to be reground.

Types of Reamers Sold at Milo Tools

At Milo Tools, our range of reamers falls under the following tool categories.

  • HSSE Reamers: Choose from a wide range of HSSE reamers with superior hardness, increased heat or red hardness, and tempering resistance.
  • Carbide Machine Reamers:When used in tandem with high-precision clamping, these reamers deliver the highest concentricity for producing high tolerance holes on a wide range of materials.
  • Modular Reamers: These reamers can be fitted with different heads, providing a high level of flexibility.

What Our Clients Say

I have been dealing with Milo tools since their concept, over the years they have proven to be dedicated to customer service, not only through competitive pricing but a feeling that they are working for your best interests and not about maximizing profit. Absolute pleasure to deal with.

Ian Cocker
Director at Ian Cocker Engineering Ltd

We have used Milo Tools for a number of years, we rely on them to supply quality cutting tools and associated engineering products some of which maybe from less well known manufacturers but all of excellent quality and so value for money.

The team at Milo Tools have an excellent attitude to our queries whether for a quote or advice on tooling.

Angus McGuire
Production Manager at Dunbeath Engineering Ltd

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