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Meet The Team

Head shot of our online sales manager James Lowe.

James is Head of Online Sales for Milo Tools. James’s job is to help promote our brilliant team and help attract new customers.

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Head shot of our sales manager Sultana Miah.

Sultana is the sales manager for Milo Tools and heads up the sales team and sees all the reps who visit for tea and biscuits.

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Head shot of our office manager Ruhana Miah.

Ruhana is an all-rounder and deals with inbound and outbound queries as well as all our purchasing.

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Head shot of our one sales executive Kacey Widdop.

Kacey is one of the key members of our sales team with a great product knowledge base, he has been dealing with inbound and outbound enquiries for the past 6 years..

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Head shot of our technical manager Gary Clegg.

Gary is head of the technical department.

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Head shot of our graphic designer Mark Davies.

Mark is our in-house graphic designer and brings a wealth of design skills & experience from both the private & public sectors.

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Head shot of our stores manager Paul Slack.

After 45 years on the shop floor in engineering , Paul has settled to be the Stores Manager for Milo Tools.

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Head shot of our in house therapist Penny Lane.

Penny Lane is the in house therapy dog, her main duties including bringing joy to the team.

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