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SK50 (DIN69871 50) 14mm End Mill Holder (Side Lock Adaptor) 63mm Gauge Length.

SK50 14mm End Mill Holder/Side Lock Arbor 63mm Gauge Length

Series: SK50-EMH14-63

14mm End mill holder (side lock arbor/weldon adaptor) for use in SK50 (DIN 69871) spindle tooling systems - 63mm gauge length. Balanced to 15,000 RPM at G6.3. End mill holders (Side lock arbors) are specifically designed for clamping tools with flattened (Weldon) shanks to provide superior static stiffness and work exceptionally well to prevent tool pull out due to the side screw sitting inside the flattened part of the shank.

Whilst referred to as ‘End Mill Holders’, side lock adaptors can be used to fit not only end mills, but also indexable end mills, indexable drills collet chuck extensions or, with a little shank grinding, anything else you can fit in, due to their outstanding reliability and clamping security.

End mill holders are first choice for using large tooling at slower speeds, along with roughing and some medium cutting applications where material removal rate is preferential. Whilst having potentially slightly more runout than our ER collet chucks, side lock arbors tend to reduce chatter and; when using high-helix geometry cutters taking heavy cuts from the workpiece, help to ensure the milling cutter does not screw itself into the workpiece. (Pro Tip: To prevent the end mill from pulling down into the work using an end mill holder make sure the end mill is pulled down against the set screw before tightening.)

  • Outstanding quality toolholders maximise clamping strength whilst minimising the runout inherent with end mill holders
  • G6.3 Balanced at 15,000 RPM
  • SK50 (DIN 69871) - 63mm gauge length
  • 14mm clamping diameter
  • Stocked for next day delivery
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