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DIN2080 (ISO30-ISO40-ISO50) Pull Stud.This product is currently on offer.

DIN2080 (ISO30 / ISO40 / ISO50) Standard Type Pull Stud

Series: PS-ISO ...Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

Standard type pull studs for use with all DIN 2080 (ISO30, ISO40 and ISO50) spindle tooling systems. Pull studs, also referred to as retention knobs, are the link between the machine drawbar and the toolholder. Given that the pulling forces within certain spindle tooling systems can reach up to 3000 daN, it is essential to use pull studs made of high-quality materials such as those found below.

  • Available in all standard angles
  • Hardened to prevent breakage from small shocks.
  • Standard type
  • In stock for next day delivery
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SKU: PS-7388-40B
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ISO40 Pull Stud 45 Degrees

List Price: £6.20
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SKU: PS-7388-50B
In Stock

ISO50 Pull Stud 45 Degrees

List Price: £9.49
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