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ISO50 (DIN2080 50) MT5 Morse Taper Adaptor 105mm Gauge Length.This product is currently on offer.

ISO50 Morse Taper Adaptor (MT5) - 105mm Gauge Length

Series: ISO50-MTA5-105 ...MASSIVE SAVINGS!

Morse taper adaptor (MT5) for use with ISO50 (DIN 2080) spindle tooling systems - 105mm gauge length. Morse taper adaptors are used to enable the fitment of tool holders onto a different spindle taper. Using this particular model will enable the use of any Morse Taper 5 (MT5) tool holder in your ISO50 spindle tooling system. These adaptors are not only used to enable the use of other spindle types together, but are also commonly used as a method of increasing the reach of the toolholder as the overall gauge length is effectively increased

  • Enables fitment of Morse Taper 5 (MT5) tool holders to ISO50 spindles
  • G6.3 Balanced at 15,000 RPM
  • ISO50 (DIN 2080) - 105mm gauge length
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SKU: ISO50-MTA5-105

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MT5 ISO50 Morse Taper Adaptor 105mm Length

List Price: £63.26
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