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ER20 11pcs Coolant Sealed Collet Set

Product SKU: ...C-ER20-SET
£88.64 ex VAT £106.37 incl. VAT

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ER20 coolant sealed standard precision (<15 micron runout) ER collet set, including collets of diameters from 3mm to 13mm, in 1mm increments. The coolant sealed, standard accuracy variants of ER collets - the world's most widely used clamping system, used for a wide array of high precision machining applications. The series number is the opening diameter of the tapered receptacle, in millimetres. ER collets collapse to hold parts up to 1mm smaller than the nominal collet internal size in most of the series (up to 2mm smaller in ER-50, and 0.5mm in smaller sizes) and are available in 1mm or 0.5mm steps. Thus a given collet holds any diameter ranging from it’s nominal size to its 1mm-smaller collapsed size, and a full set of ER collets in nominal 1mm steps fits any possible cylindrical diameter within the capacity of the series.

  • All collets 100% run out checked
  • Hardened to prevent breakage from small shocks.
  • Coolant sealed and standard precision (15 micron runout)
  • No deformity when clamping to their minimum diameter
  • Friendly to your toolholder in terms of their smooth surface free of sharp edges and their exact angle geometry to suit the chuck taper and it's clamping nut

Specifications for ER20 11pcs Coolant Sealed Collet Set