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LT-S D60ER20FOF78 1:3KRLH115MS.
LT-S D60ER20FOF78 1:3KRLH115MS.
Technical image - LT-S D60ER20FOF78 1:3KRLH115MS.

LT-S D60ER20FOF78 1:3KRLH115MS

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Mario Pinto driven tools use the patented SUPERCOMPACT drive system, which couple the ground shaft and gear in a single operation in a square or hexagonal housing. Most of the other driven tool manufacturers use a a drive key on the outside of the houseing and inside the gear shaft leading to a weakening of the shaft and the gear.

The driven tools use high-precision bearings sealed only on one side allowing heat and lubrication exchange, resulting in balanced grease and heat distribution.

The tools are fully sealed using Mario Pinto's patented labyrinth seals. This prevents dirt and fluid from entering inside the tool extending the tool life.

Each live tool is subject to a 60 minute test before delivery. The test measures the geometrical dimensions, temperature and noise and vibration. All test data is included in a report delivered with the tool.

The packaging includes a picture of the tool, a short description and bar code to allow identification without having to open the box. The test report, a maintenance manual, a wrench and greasing kit are included within the box

Type:LT-S OFS - Tool holder straight offset
Tool Output: Collet nut ER 20 F - internal nut
Coolant: With coolant kit
Available for 19 machines

Specifications for LT-S D60ER20FOF78 1:3KRLH115MS