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MTO Runcool Ultra.This product is currently on offer.

MTO Runcool Ultra


RUNCOOL ULTRA is a high oil content, bio-stable, water soluble cutting fluid for applications where maximum EP performance and low foaming are required.


  • Outstanding lubricity and extreme pressure properties.
  • Based on highly developed synthetic ester technology.
  • Chlorine-free.
    • Free from secondary amines, nitrites and phenols for the most stringent health and safety requirements.
  • Low staining potential on aluminium and its alloys.
  • Widely used for aerospace applications.
  • Forms a stable milky emulsion in waters up to 400ppm CaCO3 hardness.
  • Outstanding resistance to bacterial and fungal degradation.
  • Good rejection of tramp oil.
  • Low foaming characteristics, achieved with only silicone free anti-foams.
  • Found to be particularly effective in preventing rusting when machining cast iron.

(Recommended treat rate 5-10% in water, depending on severity of application. For most general purpose work, a treat rate of 6-8% is normally acceptable. Minimum treat rate 5% in water)

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