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MTO Runcool 431AF.This product is currently on offer.

MTO Runcool 431AF

Series: RCSCO431AF ...10% OFF LIST PRICE

Runcool 431AF is a premium quality, bio-stable, semi-synthetic soluble cutting fluid designed to have very low foaming properties in soft water areas.


  • Forms a translucent micro emulsion in most waters.
  • Compatible with most water qualities up to 400ppm calcium carbonate.
  • Highly resistant to bacterial and fungal degradation, giving freedom from bad smells or slimy deposits.
  • Offers good corrosion inhibition to ferrous metals.
  • Good resistance to contact corrosion thus allowing work pieces to be stacked without staining.
  • Chlorine, nitrite, phenol and formaldehyde free and based on highly refined mineral oil, thus giving optimum operator acceptability.
  • Contains specially developed silicone-free anti-foam additives to overcome foaming in high-pressure systems using soft or de-ionised water.
  • Creates minimal sticky residues that can easily be washed away with water.

(Recommended treat rate 3-8% in water, depending on severity of application. For most general purpose work, a treat rate of 4-6% is normally acceptable. Minimum treat rate 3% in water)

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Size: 205 ltr

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Runcool Premium 431AF (Soluble Cutting Oil) - 205 Litres

List Price: £843.91
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Size: 25 ltr
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Runcool Premium 431AF (Soluble Cutting Oil) - 25 Litres

List Price: £104.58
Offer Price: £94.12!