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Request a FREE Tool
Spend Review

Save anywhere from 10% to 15% on your organisation’s annual tool spend by requesting a free, no-obligation tool spend review at Milo Tools. If we can’t save you money, we’ll give you £100 in Amazon vouchers — no strings attached, guaranteed!*

Here’s what to expect from our FREE tool spend review.

  • A dedicated account manager will review how much your business is spending on cutting tools, tool holders, workholding devices and other accessories.
  • You will receive a personalised quote showing your potential tool savings.
  • You will get expert advice from one of our time-served engineers.
  • Business customers will get competitive credit terms.

Your no-obligation tool spend review is completely free of charge. We guarantee that you won’t have to sign any contracts to take advantage of this offer.

Our Trusted Suppliers of Engineering Cutting Tools

How Does the Tool Spend Review Work?

Signing up for our free tool spend review is simple.

  1. To start the tooling review, we will ask for copies of invoices from current tool suppliers covering purchases over the last two to three months.
  2. We recommend sending images of your invoices through WhatsApp. Our WhatsApp is 0127487282. You can also email your invoices to
  3. We will send you a personalised quote detailing your potential tool savings when you shop at Milo Tools. Your quote will cover recommendations for milling tools, drills, lathe tools, threading tools, tool holders, workholding devices, precision measuring tools and lubrication.
  4. One of our time-served engineers is available to provide expert advice.

On average, we have helped machine shops and manufacturing companies in the UK reduce their tool spend by 10% to 15%. If we are unable to lower your spending, we will compensate your time with £100 in FREE Amazon vouchers.

Why We Are Offering a Free Tool Spend Review

From speaking to our clients, it appears the bigger tool suppliers with institutional investors, such as Cromwell, MSC and Cutwel, have all increased their prices. Corporate finance investors never like to lose money, so these suppliers are probably raising prices to help recoup the losses they incurred at the height of the pandemic.

Because of this, we have been getting many enquiries from businesses shopping around instead of going to their usual cutting tool suppliers. By assessing their spending on cutting tools, tool holders and workholding devices, we have helped many companies save an average of 10% to 15% on their tool spend — some even more.

Why Deal with Milo Tools?

Aside from better deals on cutting tools, tool holders, workholding devices and other accessories, Milo Tools also offers:

  • Access to a large range of brands. If you can’t find the product on our site, our team will help source it for you.
  • We are not limited to any particular brand due to supplier obligations.
  • We take pride in having knowledgeable team members who have been in the industry for many years, including time-served engineers.
  • We have credit accounts available for business customers.
  • We offer next-day delivery on thousands of popular cutting tools and machining accessories.

Our Trusted Suppliers of Engineering Cutting Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligibale?

To qualify for the Amazon vouchers, the tool spend must meet these thresholds:

  • Tool spend of at least £500 per month, including consumable products: We will provide £100 in Amazon vouchers if we can not reduce your spending.
  • Tool spend between £200 and £500 per month: We will provide £50 in Amazon vouchers if we can not reduce your spending.

“Consumable tools” include milling cutters, ISO inserts, drills and taps. Please send invoices of any other products as we may help you save even more money.

We can still review your tool spend if it’s below £200, but we will not offer Amazon vouchers.

Do I need to buy the products after I receive the quote?

No. You are not obligated to purchase the tools we recommend in our quote.

The tool spend review is completely free of charge.

As your quote will reduce your tool spend, staying with your current supplier will actually cost you money.

If your existing supplier matches our prices, then great! However, why were they overcharging you in the first place?

How long does the tool spend review take?

To ensure we can offer you the best possible prices, tool spend reviews can take up to three days to complete as we source the best prices from our extensive supplier network.